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November/December 2010

Autumn Campaigns in Ukraine

 It was during autumn that ancient city of the Israelites was by
the prophet Jeremiah, "The harvest is past, the summer is
ended and we are not saved, (Jer. 8:20).  It's
Autumn and we are lost!!"

A work of the church of Christ

I appreciate and enjoy all seasons of the year, to me there is a special feeling for the yellow mellow, ripened days of Autumn. I love an autumn drive in rural surroundings. It looks as though God purposefully spilled various bright colors of paint on the leaves of trees. It is so invigorating to inhale the cool freshness of God-breathed air while walking in the briskness of an autumn morning. Autumn is the third act in God's four-part drama of nature. Although autumn brings immediate joy, it also warns us that the darkness of winter is soon to come.

It was during autumn that the ancient cry of the Israelites was echoed by the prophet Jeremiah, "The harvest is past, the

summer is ended and we are not saved, (Jer. 8:20). It autumn and we are lost!! Judah had given into idolatry and would be taken into captivity by the heathen army of Babylon. This is the very reason I travel frequently to Ukraine and Russia. To remind lost precious souls that the seasons of opportunity are passing and they are not saved!

During a three-week period, I ministered to eight churches of Christ. On the three Sundays in Ukraine I preached sermons to five congregations. A total of 25 Bible lessons were taught publicly in eight congregations during the three week period. Over 150 Christians were encouraged through these Bible lessons.  A rigorous teaching schedule was set up with six of the eight congregations so that I could teach and fellowship with each congregation on multiple occasions. 


For example, I went to Makeevka church of Christ seven differet times during my stay in Ukraine and taught various Bible lessons each time.  I always encouraged Christians to bring non-Christian friends to these Bible classes.  Nadya, a faithful member and convert from Jehovah's Witness brought her friend Lora to hear me preach. 

After my lesson an individual Bible study was set with Lora. Lora's husband and son verbally abused her and did not want her seeking God.  After our heart rending open Bible study with tears streaming down her face she decided to follow the Lord instead of her family.  After Lora was baptized into Christ she shed tears of joy instead of tears of remorse. The church celebrated Lora's new birth into Christ with a birthday cake and sweet fellowship.  Jesus said one soul is worth more than the entire world!

One of the highlights of my trip was teaching a Bible course on 'Practical Ministry Skills" to aspiring preachers at a Ukrainian Bible Institute, which is part of the Sunset School of Preaching. These students were like a sponge soaking up every word I taught. I have been invited by Jay Don Rogers, the director, to teach future courses at UBI.  This is one way that I can multiply my efforts for the Lord.

Jeremiah echoes Judah's lamenting cry, "It's autumn and we are not saved." At least during this campaign one precious soul can say, "It's autumn and I am now saved." And many Christians are more prepared with new enthusiasm to face the future. I thank God for putting me into such an exciting dynamic ministry!

Congregations of the church of Christ

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